+Suzy is a uniquely gifted person with an inexhaustible generosity when it comes to sharing those gifts. I worked with Suzy to conduct workshops at my office around the topic of purpose and cultivating authenticity. She is a deep listener. Creating a net of psychological safety and space for vulnerability, every workshop attendee was so deeply engaged and walked away feeling the value of the time spent. Sarah B. Operations Professional, Converse

+Rarely have I met a human being as passionate and driven to help others as Suzy. When others say she can’t do it, Suzy finds a way. When they say she’s crazy, she laughs, agrees and then infects others with her wild craziness. I would gladly recommend Suzy for whatever she chooses to pursue and can only imagine the dreams that will be achieved as she infects her coaching clients with even a fraction of her optimistic and empowered perspective on life. Jason Carson, Sr. Manager, HR Business Partner

+I have utmost confidence in Suzy’s ability to understand her customer’s needs, develop a great product and service, and manage all of the details needed to deliver an effective and transformational experience for her clients. Daniel B. Talent and Leadership Architect

+I would jump at the opportunity to work with Suzy again. She is incredibly talented, and would be an asset to any organization. Jackie Skinner, Director of Operations at Goals for Girls